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About the translations

Disclaimer: The automatic translation function (the dropdown menu above) may cause unintended errors. The original texts of this website are written in the laguages Dutch (NL) and English (EN). These original bilangual texts can be found by clicking on the flag at the far right. One should at all times realize that a choice through the drop-down menu will only show an automatically generated translation of one of those two chosen originals (NL/EN) and therefore can, and probably will be to more or less extend, be corrupted. The original intended texts (NL/EN) are therefore always the better and absolutely preferred texts in comparison with the texts that are being rendered automatically. One needs to consult those original texts to be able to judge what the author intended. Be aware of that and please don't hold me accountable for that.

I still thought it was preferable to add a general translation function, because not only is getting better and better (it is continuously improved and updated), but also it offers the opportunity to read the website in many more languages (which would otherwise be impossible). When there is doubt about a meaning one can always check one of the original languages (NL/EN) and there will hopefully be someone to be found that at least understands the original English language to explain it. In other words; in my opinion the advantages in this case outweigh the disadvantages.

So, if one, because of the consequences of the built of the tower of Bable (Genesis 11: 7-9), yet needs an other non-original language, one starts with one of the those two languages (again; flag topright). Then, through the dropdown menu, one chooses the needed language/translation. Default the 2 original languages are excluded from the dropdown menu, except when there temporarily is no original English translation available yet; then an automatic English translation from the dropdown menu can be used. If one wants to go back to one of the 2 original language again, from which one started, one must, in this case, use the dropdown menu. That is needed, because one basically is still at the page of the original language one started from, and therefore cannot return to it by means of the flag (at the far right), because that would lead to the other standard language and not the same language of the current page. It sounds complicated, but when one tries it out one would notice that it would, for a great deal, show itself.

Navigation instruction:
Every time you click on a menu-item in the main menu (top-level) at the left, a new page is opened with yet another new menu and possibly submenu-items (never more than 3 levels deep). The main menu at the left contains main themes and if you click on one of those, you then enter the landing-page of that main theme, of which the themes of that are again visible in a new menu with yet again new subthemes (I chose for that to keep the pages as readable as possible and to keep a good overview). At the top and bottom of each page are bread-crumb menus, with which you can always direcly see where you are on the website and you can also return with that to pages laying above the current page and you can return all the way back to 'Home' by breadcrumb or the menu at the left.